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About Us

We from Free Assange Frankfurt am Main represent a matter that has political backgrounds.
However, we formally distance ourselves from partisan actions at our vigils and all other events. Anyone who wants to participate in our events should familiarise themselves with our netiquette:

We want people at our events to be friendly and open with each other and to represent Julian Assange in a dignified manner.


We do not want any other political or partisan statements or discussions, we remain on the subject of Julian Assange.


We are also happy to exchange ideas, you are welcome to actively participate in the implementation of our events.


The organiser is responsible for all participants and activities, in this respect we would also like to adhere to the legal regulations. For example, young people should not sign petitions with their address without the consent of their parents.


The organisers have thought about the process and do what they are able to do. Pressure from outside, for example in the form of: "You have to do this or that" is not appropriate. We do everything on a voluntary basis and in addition to our jobs/children/household, etc. We want to use our strength for Julian Assange and not against each other!

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